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testimonial from larisa

Larissa Bruter - 6/10/2020

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Claudia is a wonderful yoga instructor! She honors her student's bodies and not push past the limits. She helps yogis with a wide range of abilities to connect with their bodies and mind.

2 - Myka Monroe.png

Myka Monroe - 05/24/2020

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Really like her approach & gentle style of the practice. It's not overly advanced. Although my health conditions limits certain poses I enjoy her positivity,music and simple relaxing class. I'd definitely recommend it to try.👍🌞💛🧘‍♀️☮

3 - Eileen Stern.png

Eileen Stern - 05/17/2020

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Claudia makes a yoga workout easy and fun during this difficult time.It is especially hard to follow yoga steps on a cell phone, but her clear instructions make it so much easier. She also gives alternative positions when your body is not quite cooperative. Her classes have helped me with flexibility. Plus her cat is cute and I'm a dog person.

4 -Melissa Rondez testimonial.png

Melissa Rondez - 05/17/20

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One of the good things to come out of SIP is my weekly yoga motivation and inspiration with Claudia. She takes all levels into account with her workouts. Ever encouraging and enjoyable, I highly recommend adding her into your routine.

5- Suzzette Heathcote.png

Suzzette Heathcote - 05/13/20

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Claudia’s classes are well executed and a lot of fun. She is a warm and friendly teacher who is also knowledgeable. I love her classes!

6 - Gina Desiderio Eleccion.png

Gina Eleccion - 05/13/20

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Loving the yoga and personable teaching style. Have been participating since working from home. Thanks, Claudia! 🙏🧘‍♀️

7- Kristen Gandek.png

Kristen Gandek - 05/06/20

Claudia has a very positive spirit and easily connects to people in her classes. She is fun, light and is able to modify her classes to fit all levels of practice. I always feel uplifted after class. Claudia has also done an amazing job changing her classroom platform to online during these difficult times due to Covid-19 and shelter in place rules. I look forward to her classes every week to recenter and gain positive energy to help me manage daily stress and life challenges. I have worked with other instructors over the years but Claudia is the best!

8 - Erin Kelley .png

Erin Kelley-Anderson 04/29/20

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Claudia creates a fun, relaxing atmosphere with good vibes and no intimidation for newbies.❤️

8 - Kasama Lee.png

Kasama Lee - 04/29/20

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Your classes are gifts! You are an amazing and gift yoga instructor Claudia Lopez. Thank you for sharing your gift generously so we could experience peace spiritually and physically. Namaste!

10 - Karen Smith.png

Karen Smith - 04/26/20

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Claudia’s Yoga class is very thoughtful and mindful for all levels of Yogi’s and always leaves me feeling better about my mind, body, and spirit which is extra important during this time of COVID isolation! She is positive, kind, and uplifting! 🙏 ⭐️🙏

11 - Lois Kazakoff.png

Lois Kazakoff  04/23/20

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She brings lots of energy and consideration that her students are at different levels in their yoga practice.

12 - no picture.png

Yoko Tanaka - 04/29/20

Yoga feels natural for me with Claudia! I really appreciate that Claudia sends me a link to her previously recorded classes since I'm not always available for her live classes. This way I can practice yoga at my own time. Thank you so much, Claudia!

13 - Lisa Vizza.png

Lisa Vizza - 04/19/20

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Her classes are so we taught for all levels which is very important to me as I am new to this. She is amazing instructor and person. Stepping up in this dire time of need for all of us to stay grounded and healthy both physically and mentally.

14 - Krissy Haas.png

Krissy Haas - 04/19/20

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Easy to understand and such a joy to be with
virtually lol Loving her kitty Buddy.

12 - no picture.png

Kathy Jelin - 04/19/20

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Eases you into the practice. I like how Claudia reminds you of the proper format and ways to check yourself.

15 - Robin Gallardo.png

Robin Gallardo - 04/12/20

Thanks so much for your Sunday morning classes Claudia. I look forward to them every week, whether in person or on line, you are an inspiration for positivity during this very challenging time!

15.1 - Peggy Ericson.png

Peggy Ericson - 04/11/20

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Virtual yoga with Claudia makes you feel centered.

17 - Idalia Wheeler.png

Idalia Wheeler - 04/08/20

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I feel fabulous!

16 - Lisa Pfost.png

Lisa Pfost - 04/05/20

After a class with Claudia, both my mind and body are more at ease. Although I may not always feel like working my body, I'm always glad I attended. I always feel better. A class led by a woman with a generous, loving spirit who wants to connect with us all is a huge bonus.

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17 - Olga Ya.png

Olga Ya - 04/05/20

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Love your yoga class on Sunday! Thank you, Claudia!

18 - Anne Maria Garner.png

Anne Marie Garner - 04/05/20

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Love these classes. They are great for this crazy time when we are sheltering at home. This helps me feel connected and gets me some much needed exercise and movement! Thank you Claudia!

19 - Elizabeth Maggs.png

Elizabeth Maggs - 04/05/20

She is great. Puts your mind and body in a perfect place. I always feel great after her class. I really appreciate she is taking the time to do this twice a week. Plus I love the cards at the end ( I miss those in class). Thank you Claudia, you are the best. 😀

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12 - no picture.png

Phil Maggart - 04/02/20

I have been taking Claudia's Sunday yoga class for over a year now, and when the gym shut down, she has stepped up to help keep the yoga flow going. At an older age I am not connected to FB or the other social media sites, but after talking with her and knowing I did not have a FB Page, she has set up a zoom site and allowed me to keep my yoga days going. Thanks Claudia, you have made a difference while I am in quarantine. On a side note she her Sunday class is one of my favorites.

20 - Hilaleh Hamad.png

Hilaleh Hamad - 04/02/20

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Claudia has helped me find so much peace during this rough time. Her energy, passion, and calming tone have made me a Yoga lover! I have had the privilege of attending a class in person, and her Facebook Live classes are just as phenomenal! Thank you so much Claudia for being a light during this dark patch💗

21 - Elizabeth Rojo.png

Elizabeth M.Rojo - 03/19/20

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Great Zoom class to move my body during this SIP time. Looking forward to checking out your in-person class soon!

22 - Lori Grady.png

Lori Grady - 03/29/20

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Great safe stretching class with Balance. I would definitely take her class again.

23 - Nicole Worthman.png

Nicole Worthman - 03/29/20

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Claudia brings some much needed peace into my day during her classes. She's relatable, goes at a pace that a beginner could easily follow, & I always feel much more light & positive after a session. Thank you for your light & love ❤


Diane Black - 01/01/18

Claudia has taught me that my yoga doesn't matter if things aren't perfect. My practice is my time to feel alive, loved and free!!!! Thank you Claudia.


Vivian Lejbman - 01/01/18

Great safe stretching class with Balance. I would definitely take her class again.


Diana Weirick - 01/01/17

Claudia has a gift to bring all of us into her Yoga world with her passion & spirit & soul. She creates an unbelievable relaxing and caring atmosphere where you don't want the Yoga class to end.

Ama Testimonial pic

Ama Rosales - 09/01/17

Claudia's yoga classes are life changing. Her energy and compassion gave me a different outlook on life and working out. I'm now addicted to the restorative properties yoga provides.

jeanne berguia testimonial pic.jpg

Jeanne Berguia - 01/01/17

jeannette paige testimonial pic.jpg

Jeannette Paige - 03/01/12

As a yoga beginner, Claudia made me feel comfortable by taking the time to explain poses and techniques while creating a welcoming environment where I could challenge myself. Claudia may have just made me a yoga convert! I’m really looking forward to taking more of her classes.

I just love Claudia! She has been my yoga teacher and friend since 2011. She is not only a wonderful yoga teacher, she is an awesome and beautiful soul.

beach picture

Melinda Martinez - 01/01/12

My first yoga class with Claudia was AMAZING! It is great for all ages, shapes and sizes! Claudia helps show you the correct alignment and breathing skills. All you need is an open mind and you will leave class feeling relaxed and at peace.

alyssa boyle testimonial pic.jpg

Alyssa Boyle - 09/01/11

Claudia has a zest for life and self-improvement that is contagious! She is definitely someone who ‘walks the walk”. She completely changed her body, health, and her life in less than 1 year and created her own bliss. Is she can do it, so can you!

yoga written in sand with a heart around it

Jason Chang - 09/01/11

Claudia is an awesome yogini that I first meet volunteering. She has a passion for life that is reflected in her style and class. I look forward to taking her class again.

brenda rex testimonial image.jpg

Brenda Rex - 03/01/11

Claudia is most caring, compassionate person I know. She puts her heart and soul into her yoga and her passion shows up in every one of her classes. Two Thumbs Up and many, many Om’s!


Jessica Resnik - 02/01/11

Claudia is a fantastic yoga teacher. She has such a high level of energy and truly cares about her students and helping them succeed in their yoga practice.

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